Aerius 24 Hour Allergy Relief, 30s

Aerius 24 Hour Allergy Relief, 30s



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Non-Drowsy multi-symptom relief

AERIUS® (5 mg desloratadine) is an antihistamine that delivers multi-symptom allergy relief for 24 hours. Its , long-lasting action relieves your allergy symptoms to help you do the things you like, without your allergy symptoms getting in the way. Whether it’s plants (trees, grass, pollen and ragweed) or animal dander, dust mites, or mold, indoors or outdoors, AERIUS® relieves your allergy symptoms. AERIUS® is non-drowsy so you can function normally, both at school and at work – those times when being able to be at your best really counts.

Health Care professionals recommend AERIUS® for the relief of allergy symptoms. You can find it in the antihistamine section of your pharmacy.

AERIUS® provides fast and effective relief from allergy symptoms including nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, stuffiness, itchy, tearing & redness of the eyes, itchy palate, itchy ears, itchy throat and allergic cough. Aerius also provide effective relief of allergic skin conditions, such as skin itch and hives.


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